The broken Mist


Posted in Uncategorized by Jiménez-Smith on September 8, 2009

Estamos acostumbrados, por el paso de los valores democráticos (y tal vez más lejanamente cristianos) a considerar de forma espontánea la mayor comunicación como un bien absoluto y la escritura como una adquisición progresista.

Roland Barthes, Variaciones sobre la escritura.

The same thing [a certain excessiveness] can be seen in the images of body produced in the hyperrealism of porn; television and the shows it broadcasts that play with the idea of total transparency; the Internet galaxy and its deluge of digital streams: millions of sites, billions of pages and characters, doubling in numbers every year; […] In the fight against terrorism and crime, millions of cameras and other electronic means of surveillance and citizen identification have already been installed in the streets, shopping centres, public transport and business: taking over from the old disciplinary and totalitarian society, the society of hypersurveillance is on the march. The frenzied escalation of ‘more, always more’ has now infiltrated every sphere of collective life.

Gilles Lipovetsky, Hypermodern Times




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