The broken Mist

Byronic. . .

Posted in Uncategorized by Jiménez-Smith on December 30, 2008


I mean, seriously. All of you are laughing since Deadpool’s behaviour is not only funny, but usual among blog/Byron readers. My Gosh, we all even stalk on MySpace, Facebook nowadays and other things. If I’m giving away myself please let me know, if you feel somewhat empathized, keep on with the reading.

This post is just an anouncement. I’m coming back with more on Deadpool (you mean geeker), with more on stalking (you mean more pathetic) and with more music that probably  only I enjoy when rope-jumping (-sigh- Dude get a life). Yes, this blog is back. Hopefully, my Podcast will be back as well.

Peace out, I’ll be listening to Zack Kim tunes on the Tube until my other I decides to get on working. So far, forty pages. . . left. It seems as though the family loves to buy all the movies they could watch for free at TNT. Until a great idea comes to my mind, best regards


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