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‘Wild work in Heaven’:R A N T

Posted in Uncategorized by Jiménez-Smith on October 31, 2008

ME HA IDO DE LA CHINGADA. I was utterly nervous. The first thing in the morning: I throw up. I was nervous since I woke up. My paper on comic became a disaster since I couldn’t show the images; although the thing was not great, but at least decently written and understable, it certainly would’ve been extremely better and not so unattainable as with only words explaining panels. Somebody asked me a deeply serious question that led me to a precipitate answer that provoked a huge sardonic laugh and a great “NO” from our Milton scholar. Even though, I managed not to fell apart and then somebody inthe audience who, throughout this two and a half years of university has never said something minimally interest, incurred in her most favourite activity. She babbled something stupid about how she is so great. Bottom line, a comment in an academic context that is not critical at all is useless; therefore, if she always speaks nonsense, is she useless, at least for that activity? I don’t know, and don’t want to for that matter.

Eventually, when Teskey arrived, our scholar stressed the word “misread” in his introduction. Would’ve been undiscreet to glance at me, even though we are all aware he did not actually has my considerations in high esteem.

I explained, when they asked me to, why actually to see Paradise Lost in Civil War how all these script writers were guys instructed at universities in careers such as literature, philosophy, etc. In the end, is not THAT incredible that comic-book writers may be Milton readers. But indeed, let’s suppose It’s a mere fancy I see. I SUPPORTED IT WITH SEVERE THEORISTS AND HOW ONE OUT OF THOSE OPTIONS ACTUALLY FITTED TO CRITICALLY APPRECIATE WHAT I CALLED A PARODIC EXERCISE BETWEEN COMIC AND POEM.

I laughed A LOT, when the whole conference by Teskey was on originality even mentioning british civil war as meaningful context. I appreciate the fact they get us this Big Shot scholars. But, somehow, I’m dissapointed of something. I do know how to state some other stuff I’d like to, but right now I’m busy writing an essay. The things that didn’t make it from the scrapbook to the computer are actually bitter.


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  1. Gabi said, on October 31, 2008 at 3:33 pm

    Buu! Me habría gustado estar ahí para apoyarte. No conozco tu trabajo pero sí sé que la próxima vez te irá mejor! No cualquiera se avienta así ante los leones…

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