The broken Mist


Posted in Uncategorized by Jiménez-Smith on October 11, 2008
3. tr. Acometer, sobrevenir, ocurrir de pronto algo, como una enfermedad, la muerte, un pensamiento, etc.

There is you. Within a cheering crowd of non-public university students. Each week they are more, hordes. The word has been spread on a DJ that masks himself, uses make-up and on the top of it spins great records. It has become madness. Suddenly the people, after you have denied Los Amigos Invisibles, notices that your t-shirt is a photograph, a very old one, by Anton Corbijn of a mancunian band. They request “Isolation” and you already feel at home. Confidence, you might believe is this feeling that overwhelms the place. You are friends with a loathsome bunch of students who ask you to spin on parties, participate in radio programs, etc. There is you feeling confortable with all thesenew friends. You never spoke of this at your faculty because you know they would never show up but eventually they do. Not because of you, but because these guys when drunk are hell of publishers. They keep on talking about you until your name comes to your friends at school. They attend and there is no possibility of feeling helpless in the presence of such a beautiful crowd.

They trust you in the party so much that they rely on you their bloody mp3 devices because they want soo bad a particular tune by the MSTRKRFT that you, but of course, don’t have because rather than downloading more crappy microKorg bands you decided to download Fleet Foxes. You keep the iPod. You never had one, or wanted to, so you keep it in your pocket carelessly, and carelessly you stack it with the tower of cd’s, beside the computer. Eventually, after hours of coffee at the U.N.A.M. and hours of beer at your work, you need the loo. You have left all the desmadrito all the times, but the other times you were not alone. You were accompanied with “friends” that you never spoke with. Now these people is about to unmask themselves while you still have your cover on. In an instant the iPod is gone. Seconds of absence, no violence. “Acometer, sobrevenir, ocurrir de pronto algo”. The couple that brought the iPod want whether their fucking musically-shitty song or the iPod. You don’t see it. You look all over the place and it is not there. Not anymore. You have paid your sheer stupidity and innocence. You are still to pay an iPod of a mad insolent student. And in the end he is right, you must not take responsibilities you won’t be able to hold. Bankruptcy, debt, all brought to mind. You ask some money from your mother, from your boss. They both answer. You owe even more than previously because you thought you had friends, some girls that just because have flirted with you, you thought you could rely on. Friend must not be a noun. It isn’t. You name things that you are certain of. It is contradictory to name things that are not for sure and I’m sure I’ve no friends out there on Fridays, I realise of it with the bad way. Nada queda de la alegría por vivir del martes. Un robo deprime. Este país es una jaula de melancolía.

More than a drug is what I need
Need a change of scenery
Need a new life

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  1. Lady Stardust said, on October 14, 2008 at 12:08 am

    I know you may not like this example because it’s not the music you like, but I guess it illustrates the situation pretty well:

    On stage, the artist (or the rockstar) feels he is in the safest place of the world. After all, the world is at his feet. Well, Pantera’s Dimebag Darrell got shot on stage. So… not even can you feel safe there.

    What a sad thing to say.

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